Science of Beauty Collective: 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

We are Women in Science and Female founders. We are The Science of Beauty Collective. We have a mission to bring transparency to the industry, and to challenge industry leaders to create better products for consumers that are backed by data and science. Email us at to join the conversation and be invited to our Slack channel. More details at the end.

Discover the holiday gift selection from 20 curated brands (US & Global) of our collective members:

Chill Face Spray + Phage Serum Value Set

Our hero product, the Balancing Phage Serum, to be used daily for clear skin and a balanced microbiome + our Chill Face Spray, for on-the-go clearing and calming. Shop here. US only.

By Ellis Day Skin Science: Natural antibacterial phages to enable clear, healthy skin. Founded by Carol Christopher, Ph.D.

DIVINE Bio-Cellulose Mask

A multi-correctional treatment mask infused with adaptogens that hydrates, balances, soothes, rejuvenates, and brightens. Shop here. Ships Globally.

By YINA: Beyond Skincare, powered by Chinese medicine. Founded by Ervina Wu, Ph.D. and Angela Gray L.Ac.

Skin Microbiome Kit

Discover your skin’s unique microbes with just a quick swab and discover the specific ingredients your skin needs in a skincare routine. Shop here. US only.

By Dr. Elsa Jungman: Welcome to Minimalism Heaven & Microbiome Nirvana, the first in the US certified microbiome friendly skincare. Founded by Elsa Jungman, Ph.D.

Defiance Science Duo Serum + Mask

Clinically proven hyaluronic acid tiny molecules & peptides reactivate skin cell activity lost to hormone decline pre & post menopause. Shop here. US, Canada & Europe shipping.

By Caire Beauty: Aging reimagined with proprietary Hormone-Defying science. Founded by Celeste Lee + Lorrie King.

Antü Holiday Discovery Set

Meet our limited-edition 5pc gift set clinically proven to instantly hydrate, tone, and refresh for maximum radiance and skin barrier protection. Shop here. Ships Globally.

By Codex Beauty Labs: We are a biotech company grounded in science, dedicated to supporting the microbiome, and pioneering products having clinically proven, meaningful skincare benefits. Founded by Barbara Paldus, Ph.D.

K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask

A leave-in treatment mask for all hair types that clinically reverses damage in 4 minutes. The patented peptide technology works to repair damage from bleach, color, chemical services & heat — restoring strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce to hair. Shop here. Ships Globally.

By K18 Biomimetic Hairscience: K18 is the world’s first patented biotech product that reverses hair damage to make it look and feel like new in just 4 minutes. Founded by Britta Cox + Suveen Sahib.

Microbiome Essential Set

Discover the best of Gallinée to cleanse, tone & hydrate with our 3 full-size best-sellers. To give to others… or to yourself! Shop here. Global shipping.

By Gallinée: Innovative Microbiome Skincare. Founded by Dr. Marie Drago, PharmD.

Pure Shea Body Balm Lavender Honeysuckle

Pure rich shea butter body balm with lavender and honeysuckle essential oils, moisturizes and protects the skin from daily elements leaving skin healthy, smooth, and beautiful with a hint of fragrance.

By Shea Yeleen: Pure plant based shea butter body care products that generate living wage jobs for suppliers. Founded by Rahama Wright. Shop here. Ships Globally.

Crystal Blue Moon Set

This limited-edition set made up of our Crystal Blue Clip and Crystal Blue Comb (both made with recycled material) and our Moondust Hair Wash, an award-winning, powder-to-lather shampoo. Shop here. Ships to US and Canada.

By Susteau: Clean, conscious, concentrated haircare inspired by the future. Founded by Kailey Bradt.

Douceur de lait d’Amande — Powder Shampoo with prebiotics

A waterless, preservative-free powder shampoo that instantly detoxifies hair and scalp. Shop here. Ships globally.

By Yodi: Waterless, minimalist and efficient hair care and skin care products. Conscious Beauty made in France. Founded by Helene Azancot.

OS-01 Topical Supplement

The first topical supplement of its kind designed to reverse skin´s biological age and improve skin health and strength. This daily moisturizer contains our proprietary peptide, OS-01, which has been shown to rejuvenate your skin on a molecular level and effectively treat the negative implications of aging. Shop here. Ships to US & Canada.

By OneSkin: A longevity company developing products to target skin aging at its source and extend skinspan, the time your skin is healthy and functional. By Carolina Oliveira, PhD.

Skin Refining Night Oil with Retinol and Vitamins C+E

Our Night Oil is a blend of natural oils rich in skin-loving fatty acids — like Jojoba, Moringa and Rose Hip — designed to work while you sleep, so you can wake up with a fresher-looking complexion. Shop here. Ships to US, Europe & Canada.

By AbsoluteJOI by Dr. Anne: Physician formulas offering ageless beauty for melanin-rich skin. Founded by Anne Beal, MD.

REFRESH + REVITALIZE Gold Collagen Eye Masks

Restorative eye nutrition that visibly improves elasticity, puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines and wrinkles using 13 nature-found, science-backed, non-toxic ingredients for an awakened glow. Shop here. US only.

By BEAUTOLOGY LAB: Biohacking Skin with our health and environment in mind. Founded by Karina Moises.

BioEvolve Serum

A holy grail daily essential that provides high-performance skin rejuvenation specifically targeting signs of aging brought on by hormonal imbalances. Shop here. US only.

By Veracity: A whole-health approach to skincare, starting with the root cause: hormones. Founded by Allie Egan.

CALM Cleansing Capsules

A zero waste face wash, our CALM powder-in-capsules effectively cleanse your skin using potent, plant-based ingredients. Shop here. US only.

By booni doon: At the Forefront of Scientifically Developed, Zero Waste Skincare. Founded by Pooja Ganesan.

The Baby’s Essential Bundle

Developed with Harvard dermatologists, the Baby’s Essential Bundle is a 4-product combo that covers all your baby care needs. Shop here. US only.

By EllaOla: Science-first, plant-based skincare for life with little ones. Founded by Holly Lee.

Invisible Dry Shampoo Gel

Composed of natural ingredients that cleanse, protect, soothe, and rebalance, this is your holy grail product for flawlessly refreshed roots — without any powdery residue. Shop here. US only.

By LoveSong Beauty: Our mission is to provide meticulously researched and conscious choices for haircare that start in nature. Founded by Emily Bowman.

Explorer Trio

The perfect introduction to the biophile’s unique post-biotic formulas this set contains: 1) The Root Bionic Refining Essence, a radiance-boosting 3-in-1 treatment. 2) The Bio-Shroom Rejuvenating Serum, an award-winning skin food and age-defying rejuvenator, and 3) The Bio Barrier Nourishing Oil, a unique oil-to-balm formula that strengthens and fortifies the skin. Shop here. Ships to US and Canada.

By Biophile: Merging advanced bioscience and nature, biophile pioneers a new generation of clean, pro-microbiome beauty powered by fermentation. Founded by Alison Cutlan, M.S. and Grace Fooden.

Supercharged Duo Set

This supercharged duo features their Aluminum Free Deodorant infused with Charcoal and Spirulina to fight odor and bacteria while soothing your skin. Comes in a limited edition holiday pouch. Shop here. US only.

By Type:A Brands: No toxins, just the good stuff. Certified clean ingredients with sweat-activated technology to help you take on the day and then some. Led by Allison Moss, CEO.

Revela Hair Revival Serum

Revela’s newly-discovered, clinically-tested lead ingredient for hair follicle health formulated in a lightweight serum. Shop here. US only.

By Revela: AI-discovered novel ingredients for wellness. Founded by Evelyn Chen.

Dream to Sleep Set

A three-piece set focusing on sleep featuring a signature, 100% natural blend of soothing lavender, chamomile and vetiver in three targeted formulas. Shop here. Ships Globally.

By This Works: A clean, targeted skincare and wellness solutions that work in harmony with your body clock, 24hrs a day — rooted in science and proven to work. Founded by Anna Persaud.

The Better Hair Tool Set

Gift a healthy hair foundation this season! Both The Towel and The Wrap in our holiday toolset are engineered with proprietary AQUITEX™, the first-ever hair technology designed to leave hair up to 5x stronger than traditional drying methods. Shop here. Ships Globally.

By Aquis: The only hair tool that strengthens while it dries: our proprietary Aquitex microfibre. Founded by Britta Cox + Suveen Sahib, Co-Founders.

About The Science of Beauty Collective:

The Science of Beauty Collective is sharing their combined industry expertise to enable others to design and conduct experiments and studies, generate data to validate the value of products, and ultimately build better products. “ What started as a Slack channel and informal weekly Zoom meetings has turned into a shared mission: a community of female founders in beauty and wellness who value science, data and transparency and want to work with other like-minded women.

The Science of Beauty Collective offers:

● Support for new female founders/CEO’s in adhering to a higher scientific standard.

● Networking and connection with other science-focused women leading beauty companies.

● Building awareness among the media and investors of the value that science & technology bring to the beauty industry.

● Quarterly Zoom meetings with Scientific and Subject Area Experts in our group to share experience & key learnings.

● Slack community where we can lean on each other for questions, resources, information and fact checking.

● Designated mentorship hours for emerging female founders.

Email us at hello@science with a short blurb to join the conversation and be invited to the Slack channel.

Founding members of the collective:

Hélène Azancot, Yodi Beauty, Paris

Kailey R. Bradt, Owa Haircare, New-York

Carol A. Christopher, Ph.D., Ellis Day Skin Science, San Francisco Bay Area

Britta Cox, Aquis Hair Care and K18, San Francisco

Marie Drago, Doctor of Pharmacy, Gallinee, London

Victoria Fu, Chemist Confessions, Los Angeles

Angela Chau Gray, L.Ac., Yina Skincare, San Francisco

Elsa Jungman, Ph.D. Dr Elsa Jungman- San Francisco

Lorrie King, Caire Beauty, New York City

Celeste Lee, Caire Beauty, New York City

Gloria Lu, Chemist Confessions, Los Angeles

Cora Miller, Young King Hair Care, Atlanta

Barbara A Paldus, Ph.D., Codex Beauty, San Francisco Bay Area

Carolina Reis, PhD. OneSkin, San Francisco

Ervina Wu, LAc, PhD, TCM Dermatology, Yina Skincare, San Francisco

Rahama Wright, Yeelen Beauty, Washington, DC

Press inquiries:



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